Let’s Hold Our Hands Together (System108) 2022

Yet Another Kito Jempere Remixes EP (Emotional Response) 2022

You/Your God (Kito Jempere Recordings) 2022

Middle-Aged Hipster Crisis (Kito Jempere Recordings) 2021

A Mirage Seen At Buffalo ft. Jimi Tenor & Noteless (ALF CHAMPION Remix) (Kito Jempere Recordings) 2021

Talking In My Dreams (Hysteric & Boys’ Shorts Remixes) (Kito Jempere Recordings) 2021

Sergio Leone (Eden Burns Remixes) (Kito Jempere Recordings) 2021

Every Minute Is Too Late ft. Noteless (Fango Remix) (Kito Jempere Recordings) 2021

After The Storm ft. Maajo Radio Edit & Remotif Remix (Kito Jempere Recordings) 2021

Et Que Je Dorme Andras & Super Drama Remixes (Kito Jempere Recordings) 2021

思考気雲 Hiro Ama & Max Essa Remixes (Kito Jempere Recordings) 2021

Your Ghost In Me ft. Hard Ton & Noteless incl. Lipelis & Moonoton remixes (Kito Jempere Recordings) 2020

Time Traveler ft. Cedric Gasaida, Lipelis & Mujuice incl. Cable Toy & Errortica remixes (Kito Jempere Recordings) 2020

A King Of Comets ft. New Composers & Lovvlovver (Kito Jempere Recordings) 2020

Gas Station Salad (Kito Jempere Recordings) 2019

Lovers (Lovvlovver Remix) (Kito Jempere Recordings) 2019

Uohha!/ To Marvin 7″ (Hell Yeah Recordings) 2019

FKA Lany/ Drakon 7″ (Duca Bianco) 2019

Lovers (Kito Jempere Recordings) 2019

Tiger Punch (prod. by Gadzhi) (Kito Jempere Recordings) 2019

ドラゴンを追う (Kito Jempere Edit) (No Label) 2018

Damp Firecrackers (Pleasure Unit) 2018

Sea Monster Remixes Pt.2 (incl. Jimi Tenor, Max Essa and Miskotom) (Hell Yeah Recordings) 2018

Super Sax Sounds (Bordello A Parigi) 2018

Sea Monster Remixes Pt. 1 (incl. Black Spuma, Lipelis, Bell Towers) (Hell Yeah Recordings) 2017

Ampa (Hell Yeah Recordings) 2017

Bahnsteig 029 (Bahnsteig23) 2016

Jay Shepheard & Kito Jempere — Rhubarb Wire (Loose Fits) 2016

I’m Saved (Room With A View) 2016

Amended Wonders incl. Palms Trax remix (Let’s Play House) 2015

Objects Remixes EP2 incl. Simple Symmetry, Ruf Dug, Ptaki and Arsenii remixes (Fata Morgana) 2015

Akio EP incl. Nachtbraker & Roberto Rodriguez remixes (Dirt Crew) 2015

Objects Remixes EP1 incl. HNNY, Jacques Renault, Inkswel and Selvy remixes (Fata Morgana) 2015

Objects Sampler incl. Juju & Jordash remix (Fata Morgana) 2014

Confusion incl. Jacob Korn remix (Freerange Records) 2013