The unique trajectory that’s led Kirill Sergeev to this place and time, 38 happy solar rotations reading on the counter, was definitely one that deserved to be told, but the fun way. From his modest beginnings in his home-city of Saint Petersburg, onto becoming a relatively hush-hush driving force of the international house underground with releases for the likes of Jimpster’s Freerange Records, Emotional Response, Hell Yeah, Let’s Play House, DFA, Bordello a Parigi et al, through busting the frontiers of live music with the crazy circuses of SPDSC and Kito Jempere Band, there’s been very few moments of quiet in Kito’s gleefully bumpy yet ever soul-fulfilling journey. An oddball and thrillingly witty object spanning the many facets of his intimate self and artistic persona, the win-some/lose-some nature of a DJ's life, as well as the pressure and release coming with exposing yourself to the limelight, but also the joys of being dubbed by your peers and unexpected spits in the face

'A Book of Kito' is a thoroughly honest portray of a man telling his realities, hopes and anxieties, that huge, infectious smile slapped across the face as an indivisible trademark. A loud-spoken piece of anti-egotistic confession delivered in his own words, friendly and dynamic as his character, with enough humility to cool off the infinity pool of highfalutin leeches that regularly floods that thing called, "The Scene", Kito’s anti-memoir has us surfing the good waves and channeling the positive vibes, as it washes the pains and disillusions away in constantly joyful fashion. Stacking as much energy as possible from these countless stories and fun-riddled anecdotes about life and music, fueled by the figures that keep him - and us all - ticking — best half, proud son, loyal friends, Kito Jempere serves up a lighthearted delight of a volume, tender and piquant as it gets. Keeping it fast, so doubt doesn’t catch up.

ISBN 9785604981412

Published in print on 27/9/2023

Format 145x205 mm

Offset paper. Offset printing.

Typeset in 10.0

Circulation 166 copies. Order No. 4229
Interviews by Baptiste Girou, Ken Hidaka, Robert Hattaway, David Alarcón, Denis Boyarinov, Klemen Breznikar, Sabrina Bouzidi, Dan H, Kali Modernphase, Natalya Nagovitsyna, Dario Buzzacchi, Elena Bara, Eugeny Shapovalov and Wonderland crew.

Photos by Kirill Sergeev, Anastasia Jilina, Sergey Goorin, Valentin Blokh, Anton Rudzat, Liza Meduneckaya, Alexey Kiselev, Ivan Chernov, Masha Garbut, Kirill Garbut, Timofey Smirnov, Sasha Chaika, Sophia Pro, Michael Vilchuk, Ksenia Alexeeva, Alena Chandler, Katya Panterrra, Iula Lysenkova, Miguel Martinez Navas, Katya Nikitina, Dasha Dairum, Sofiya Kilroy, Nancy Schneider, Daniel Onischenko, Andrey Kinly and many more.
'A Book Of Kito'

Words by Kirill Sergeev aka Kito Jempere
Edited by Bill Watson
Designed by Dima Shiryaev