Kito Jempere is the alias of Kirill Sergeev — a musician, DJ, and producer, also known for his projects Uniquetunes and Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club.

Being introduced to music from a very young age, Kirill has cultivated a lifelong passion for music. At the age of 4, he had his first piano lessons which later transformed into playing the guitar in a punk band and being influenced by such cult bands like ‘Pixies’ and ‘Sonic Youth’, as well as having a strong interest in jazz. As one thing led to another, his first encounter with electronic music came through experimenting on the 486 PC and soon became the center of his life. 

In 2014, Kito released his debut solo albumObjects” on his own record label Fata Morgana. Throughout his career, Kirill has released music on such record labels as DFA, Bordello A Parigi, Freerange Records, Dirt Crew, Let’s Play House, Room With A View. His tracks were remixed by such notable artists like Palms Trax, Jimi Tenor, Bell Towers, Max Essa, Juju & Jordash, Ruf Dug, and many others.

In the following year, his official remix of Red Snapper was released on the legendary Lo Recordings imprint, and later on, a special Kito Jempere band live concert took place at the Alexandrinsky Theater. The project has become a music band, which is still active today. It includes the Moscow musician and DJ Leonid Lipelis, vocalist Artemy Gunbin, musicians Ruslan Gadzhimuradov, Matvey Averin, and Roman Urazov.

The band played a significant role in recording Kito Jempere’s second album ‘Sea Monster‘, which was released via Hell Yeah Recordings. The same record was also released in a CD format exclusively for the Japanese market.  Kito Jempere has also performed in a new modification of Kito Jempere Rhythm Combo at the Boiler Room.

For Kito Jempere, music has always been a way of capturing and enhancing any moment of life which allows leaving a mark in history both for the self and for others. Although at times imperfect and flawed, his music is a reflection of his identity which is dedicated to freedom and being sincere.

The universe of Kito Jempere is diverse and his expertise does not end in just music – the artist has been heavily involved in curating cultural institutions in St. Petersburg for over a decade and continues to evolve both professionally and personally – he is always on the move. At the moment, Kito Jempere is preparing the third full-length album, which was created in collaboration with Jimi Tenor, New Composers, Lipelis, Wolfram, and many others.

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